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If we are to succeed in the joint effort to ensure a better quality of life in our company, we need driver support and participation.  Only the best, brightest and most professional drivers are chosen to join our ranks. Our drivers are the number one priority at Falcon. Due to the professionalism and dedication of our driverís and their commitment to safety, Falconís CSA scores have been reduced dramatically in the last fifteen plus months.  Examples of these reductions are as follows: Unsafe Driving Basic 40%, Driver Fitness 7%, Crash 10 % and HOS 12%.  Falcon is excited about offering drivers the opportunity to be part of a winning team.  

Announcement of our Driver Safety Team

Our goal at Falcon Transport Co. is to make safety our #1 priority. By being proactive in improving our CSA scores through training and employing the safest drivers on the road we will adopt a safety first culture together as a team.

Falcon Transport Co. is pleased to announce our Driver Safety Team. The members of this elite team  have been awarded the honor of being nominated to the Driver Safety Team due to their professionalism and dependability. These professional drivers have been elected to this position for being in compliance with the HOS regulations, having no preventable accidents, moving violations or disciplinary actions within the past year, and have CSA scores that they can proudly display.

These Drivers will be identified by a large #1 decal on the driverís side of the tractor, and by specifically marked attire.
The drivers on this team are able to excel at their jobs in a time when the trucking industry is going through many changes that make drivers jobs extremely difficult. These drivers are role models who have proved they can drive the Falcon way. Please join us in congratulating these drivers for achieving this honor and representing Falcon Transport Co. in a professional and safe way.

Message from Milton VanHorn, Falcon Transport Co Safety Director

Online Safety Training

There are multiple ways to complete your training.  Either click to visit the website below or you can download the application on either the Apple AppStore (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android).

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User Name:  falcon.first3lastnamefirst3firstnam              (Example: John Smith is "falcon.smijoh)                  Password:  falcon

On the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store, search for "CarriersEdge Mobile"


Your customer service team at Impact Training Solution will be working closely with Gina Bogaski, your Falcon Ignite-Safety Training Representative.  If you have any questions or need assistance, contact:

Gina at 330-793-1345 Ext. 226 or by email at


We are seeing far too many accidents and they are the result of drivers not getting out of their vehicles not looking at what is behind them before backing up. We need to stress GOAL!! GET OUT AND LOOK!! Before making any type of backing maneuver. There is no excuse for a backing accident if we stress getting out and looking.. All this is a result of being in a hurry, fatigued or wanting to get the best spot available. TALK to these drivers and make them understand what GOAL is!! If they donít understand they need to call the Corporate Office and I will be more than happy to explain.. Also we are seeing drivers pulling away from the docks that have locking devices that hold the trailer in place, again it is a matter of getting out of the truck and making sure they are unlocked and free to move.

There are also far too many rear end accidents that is simply all related to speed and not being able to stop!! Get the word out to SLOW DOWN!!


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